The beginning is nature.
We are inspired by profound intricacies found on earth
and we reinterpret them in our mind.
Our imagination takes shape and blooms into
something mysterious, waiting to be named,’ says Salt Studio.

Traditionally, Futurism is thought of as the
"focus on the technical progress of the modern machine age,
dynamism, speed, energy, vitality and change"
—originally in the Italian Futurism movement.
In this project, I wished to explore the relationship of
Nature and [Asian] Futurism - particularly Korean Futurism.

This first concept is titled Origin: Korean Futurism.
It introduces Korean Futurism,
positing that futurism is inspired from nature.
I look to explore more modern motifs of
Nature & Futurism through landscape, architecture, and fashion.
This video contains real footage filmed on Jeju Island,
South Korea combined with 3D art.

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Production Salt Studio
Director / DP Alexander Isacc
3D Artist Dahye Kang
Colorist Youngchul Kim